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State Election 26 November 2022

Dominique Murphy


I thank you for taking the time to consider electing an independent and an Oakleigh resident of over 50 years.
I was born in Australia from a mix of cultures and have no foreign interests or allegiances.
I am saddened by the slow degradation of our country that I have witnessed over my lifetime and I will work towards restoring and improving the health of the nation both individually and collectively.
I believe Australia can return to being a great nation if the major political parties lose the balance of power and we shift the focus back to local interests and away from globalisation.
With over 10 years’ service in the Army Reserve and as a qualified librarian and a registered Project Manager; I have the determination, skills, guts, discipline and courage to get the job done.

I am standing for the voice of the people and not a political party.

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I am standing for the voice of the people and not a political party





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