It's time to right the wrongs!


Standing for the voice of the people and not a party is more than just a slogan. It means holding town hall meetings and getting direct feedback from constituents about what is working well, what is not working well and what needs to be changed. With this direct feedback I can fight for what is important to the district of Oakleigh or the electorate of Chisholm and not just institute pre-ordained party policy. This would start the process of government for the people and by the people. 

Governments are supposed to serve the people and not impose the policy of their party upon us. A parliament comprised of members belonging to a political party are obliged to vote along party lines as loyalty to their political party is expected. When a party member does not vote in accordance with their party it is said that they ‘cross the floor’ – when such an action is undertaken by a party member that member can be considered as a traitor to the party. Only when a vote is indicated to be one of conscience then the party member may vote as their conscience dictates without consequence however such votes are not common.

As an Independent I will always vote for the best interests of my constituents.

Please refer to my State and Federal policy pages for my broad outline policies.

Authorised by Dominique Murphy, 17D Chester Street, Oakleigh, Victoria 3166