Join Us!

If you would like to volunteer and help get a true down-to-earth local who genuinely cares about our community, to be your voice in Parliament…then join us!

Your support is invaluable to us and any help you can offer is very much appreciated.

I welcome any help. No matter how little time you can afford or what your skills may be, there are many tasks and gestures which can contribute to the campaign.

A few examples of how you can help support me, leading up to and including election day, include:

  • letterbox flyer distribution in your neighbourhood
  • display a poster/sign in your business or at the front of your home
  • support Dominique at events and hand out flyers
  • get amongst it on polling day (Saturday 26th November 2022) and help out by being a scrutineer (training provided) or hand out flyers/how-to-vote cards
  • attend and help out at pre-polling centres
  • if you have any handy skills or talents that you think may help the campaign, I would love to hear from you.

Donations are welcome!

If you wish to support a truly independent candidate whose voice will reflect only her constituents.

Please donate to the campaign to help make this possible.

Political donations of $1,080 or more from a single donor, in single or multiple donations, must be disclosed by the candidate to the Victorian Electoral Commission.
(All donations from $2 to $1,500 are tax deductible (per year, for individuals). Visit the ATO website for further details).

If you would like to join me as a volunteer and be a part of my campaign journey, simply complete the form below and I’ll be in touch….

    Authorised by Dominique Murphy, 17D Chester Street, Oakleigh, Victoria 3166